Post-production of the “Goodbye Soviet Union” completed

Last stages of the post-production of the Goodbye Soviet Union completed:

-Sound mix prepared by sound designer Karri Niinivaara/B-Plan and mixed by Olli Pärnänen, Pekka Karjalainen / Meguru Film Sound was completed late January in Helsinki.   

-Colour grading lead by cinematographer Elen Lotman and graded by Jussi Myllyniemi / WhitePoint was completed early February in Helsinki.

Festival Success of the “Robot Will Protect You”

Since now Nicola Piovesan’s retro-futuristic short animation “ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU” has been participating in about 70 festivals all over the world and has won 18 awards. Among them:

- Miami Science Fiction Festival (US) Best Animation Short Award

- Short to the Point (Romania) Best Fantasy/SciFi Award

- Cordillera Film Festival (USA) Best Animation Award

- Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest (Germany) Nomination Best Animation

- Inventa un Film (Italy) Best Animation Award

- Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan) Nomination Youth Award

“Robot Will Protect You” by Nicola Piovesan completed

Nicola Piovesan’s new retro-futuristic film “ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU” was completed in late December 2018. The short animation film continues Nicola’s interest to the retro-futuristic cyber universe (“Attack of the Cyber Octopuses”).

“ROBOT…” has started successfully it’s festival round at cross-media festival Fabrique du Cinema/Roma winning the Best International Short Award.

Goodbye Soviet Union completed the summer shoot.

On September 6th the crew completed the summer shoot in locations of Kohtla-Järve, Tallinn and around the city. The symbolic is that the crew spent the last shooting day in famous Tallinn Seewald - the historical madhouse.

Happily nobody didn’t turn mad after very demanding shooting period, instead we all celebrated the end of the important period in local „Derevjashka“ tavern’s funny interior of the 90-ties merrily until 3 o’clock in the morning.

„Goodbye Soviet Union” in production.

On 4th of July Exitfilm OÜ and AB Bufo OY started the shoot of the "Goodbye Soviet Union” in Stalinistic surroundings of the Sillamäe - a previous military town, where uranium was mined. 

The crew was well prepared and succeeded nicely despite of the not very friendly weather. Actors were in good mood and enjoyed the majestic exteriors. Around 100 enthusiastic local extras helped to create a real 1980/90-ies atmosphere.

The production is planned as follows - the shoot and the shooting crew from Estonia, shooting equipment and postproduction from Finland.

Lauri Randla’s first feature film „Goodbye Soviet Union“ in preproduction

Exitfilm has signed the Agreement with Finnish company OY BUFO AB to co-produce and distribute the production. Companies have been successful applying the production support from local financiers Estonian Film Institute and Finnish Film Foundation. Also Public broadcasters ERR and YLE are participating in the project.

The casting involves well-known Estonian and Finnish actors – Ülle Kaljuste, Tõnu Oja, Nika Savolainen, Pääru Oja, Jekaterina Novosjolova. The main children characters are Finnish schoolboy Niklas Kousmitchev and Estonian schoolgirl Elina Baratashvili.

Nicola Piovesan short film „Attack of the Cyber Octopuses“ continues travelling in the festivals

„Attack of the Cyber Octopuseses“ won the „Best Set Design Award“ in Miami Sience Fiction IF and was nominated as „Best Fantasy“ in Kaohsiung FF Taiwan.

Meantime it has been selectected for Visioni Italiane, Montevideo Fantastico Uruguai, Grindhouse Planet FF UK, Neon Dystopia FF US, Image Castebany France, Black Nights FF Estonia, Madeira Fantastic FilmFest, Calacticat FF Spain, Skepto FF Italy, etc.


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