New project of the Nicola Piovesan “Bandiera Rossa”

The development of the “BANDIERA ROSSA” a new documentary project by Nicola Piovesan was awarded with 15 000 € in Trieste Italian-Baltic Co-production Forum late January.

“Bandiera Rossa” will be co-produced by Italian company Sayonara Film/Adam Selo, Olga Torrico and Exitfilm.

Nicola Piovesan: “This is a story of how I became a Communist when I was 8 and now almost 30 years later I don’t know who the hell to vote for.  An ironic documentary film - precise albeit - on the last 30 years of the Italian Left Party history. From the last jubilation of the 80s, to the latest disappointing electoral results. All of that dealt with sarcasm and biting critical sense. In some ways controversial, certainly with a funny tone.”