Young director/writer Urmas Reisberg won the Baltic Pitching Forum in Vilnius

Young director/writer Urmas Reisberg won the Baltic Pitching Forum in Vilnius in October with his short futuristic thriller project “Dark Side Of The Earth” of the two pilots fathal trip to the “Dark East” – the territory, which has become unliveable because of the climat catastrophe – thousands of kilometres of abandoned cities, roads, bridges...

“Dark Side Of The Earth” was selected to be presented at the EURO CONNECTION, a part of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, to help finding European co-production partners.

Nicola Piovesan’s retro-futuristic punk short film “Attack Of The Cyber Octopuses” started it’s International festival round

Nicola Piovesan’s retro-futuristic punk short film “Attack Of The Cyber Octopuses” started it’s International festival round being nominated for the Main Prize in competition in Kaohsiung Film Festival Taiwan in November 2017. Nicola himself visited the festival and had several screenings and Q&A with audience.

The neopunk short film “Attack of Cyber Octopuses” premiered in Tallinn

On July 21-st, multitalent Nicola Piovesan premiered his neopunk short film “Attack of Cyber Octopuses” in Tallinn arthouse theatre “Sõprus”. Nicola introduced the project, his experience in using Kickstarter and thanked his multinational crew.

The 30 min. behind the scenes documentary was also shown to the audience.

The film is shot in Tallinn and Tokyo and will be distributed widely to the Kickstarter backers, short and sci-fi film festivals, VOD platform and sci-fi/fantasy orientated satellite and TV channels.

Postproduction of the Nicola Piovesan’s “Attack of the Cyber Octobuses” was awarded by Estonian Cultural Endowment with 8000 €

This retro-futuristic cyberpunk short film takes place in Neo-Berlin, 2079 - a dark and rain-soaked city held by mega corporations where the only way for people to enjoy life is by connecting into cyberspace and taking the “Binary Trip” a cyber drug that fries your neurons but promises a feeling better than a hundred orgasms at once…

Nicola Piovesan is young internationally awarded film-maker living and working in Estonia.

Estonian Film Institute supported the development of the Lauri Randla’s first feature „So Long Soviet Union” with 30 000 €

This is a humorous coming of age story about Johannes, whose destiny is to be always separated from his loved ones by an “iron curtain”. It is a story about being different, having hair when everyone else is bald and being bald when everyone else has hair… escaping with a toy car from a place that officially does not exist, brawling at school, 10–year old Johannes finally finds acceptance through love.  

The film will be shot in 2018 in co-production with Finnish company Bufo AB. 

Late 2016 Mumbai Shorts awarded “Mausoleum” with “Honorable Jury Mention”

Late 2016 Mumbai Shorts awarded “Mausoleum” with “Honorable Jury Mention”

WorldFest-Houston pre-awarded “Mausoleum” with Remi Award for Short Films.

Film continues competing at the festival in the Major Category Winners.

“You have now joined the ranks of Spielberg, Coppola, Lucas, the Cohen Brothers, David Lynch...and others as WorldFest-Houston Remi Award Winners, so this is an exceptional accomplishment”

Kelly Mann - Entry director

Peeter Urbla received an honorary decoration from the President of Estonian Republic

Estonia to acknowledge 113 people with decorations of the Republic of Estonia on the eve of Independence Day

Peeter Urbla, the CEO of Exitfilm had the honor

President Kersti Kaljulaid will award state decorations to 113 people on the eve of the 99th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia to acknowledge their commitments to professional life or society that have helped to make Estonia better.

“The Butterfly man” in the Court Metrange IFF France and in Ningbo IFF China

Edina Cüllög’s magic reality short film with Nero Urke “The Butterfly Man”, of the Boruslawski Circus young magician’s assistant’s fatal realizing his chance and turning into thousands of butterflies, is selected in competition for the “Court Metrange” international fantastic and etrange short film festival in Rennes France 19-23.10.2016

“The Butterfly Man” was exposed in China at the Ningbo CEE IFF 8-19.06. 2016

Shootings finished for a short film "Ice"

Two days prior to the Estonian Independence Day, on 22nd of February the shootings for a short film "Ice" ended. It was a 7 day shooting in Finland, on a small island near Oulu, called Hailuoto. It was the first Estonian production entirely shot in Finland.

"Ice" is a story of a father who tries to understand, forgets to listen but remembers to love in the very end.

Scriptwriters were Greta Varts and Anna Hints, director Anna Hints, DoP Tõnis Tuuga, production designers Anneli Arusaar and Matis Mäesalu, producer Eero Talvistu. Lead actors: Mait Malmsten, Aksel Ojari.

Short film „Mausoleum” had a nice triumph at Aalto University

Short film „Mausoleum” was performed as Lauri Randla’s film directing MA graduation work in Aalto University Helsinki at 10.12.2015 amongst other student works and had a nice triumph. 

In addition of the film director and scriptwriter Lauri Randla, leading actor Victor Kotovicz Lanberg, DOP Peter Salovaara, editor Leo Pauli Liesvirta, sound designer Jorma Kaulanen and producer Peeter Urbla participated at the event. 

Exitfilm feature documentary "Rough Stage" at IDFA 2015 competition

"Rough Stage", a feature documentary by Toomas Järvet was selected to IDFA First Appearance competition program.

Maher, a Palestinian man, a former political prisoner. He is an electrical engineer by profession but an artist at heart. He dreams of staging a contemporary dance performance in Ramallah. In order to do so, he must deal with his disapproving family, tight budgets and cultural norms. Set in today’s most contested location, Maher’s story is a parable about a society in conflict, where the real war is between dreams and traditions.


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