Robot Will Protect You

Nicola Piovesan’ retro-futuristic animation follows small girl TINA and giant Robot SAM 53 thrilling day in the dystopic Neo-Berlin in 2062

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The Verging

The Verging follows an autum day of a young boy in a remote farm, where he lives with his father. The monotonous everyday rhytm  is interrupted, when the boy has to kill the lamb, to mature as a man.

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Attack of the Cyber Octopuses

This retro-futuristic cyberpunk short film takes place in Neo-Berlin in 2079. A dark, rain-soaked city held by mega corporations where the only enjoyment in life is connecting to cyberspace and taking “Binary Trip” a cyber drug that fries your neurons but promises a feeling better than a hundred orgasms at once.

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Good Bye Soviet Union

Lauri Randla’s first full length feature film - a coming of age story of Johannes, who is born prematurely to a premature single mother on the dramatic background of the collapsing Soviet empire. 

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