Two Exitfilm projects were granted funds from Estonian Film Institute

Exitfilm signed two contracts with Estonian Film Institute. "Grand Pas for Freedom" received a production grant and "See You in Chechnya" was given a development grant. 

"See You in Chechnya" is an international co-production between Georgia, the Netherlands, France and Estonia. This is a personal story of Alexander Kvatašidze, a film director, who went to Chechnya in 1999 as a young war photographer. During that journey he met many other fellow collegues whose past and present he is now analysing.

"Grand Pas for Freedom" is a film about MAHER SHAWAMREH (38), a former political prisoner, an electrical engineer by profession, but an artist at heart. A man whose passion for the dance lights a fire in the hearts of the students at the first ballet school in the history of Palestine – ‘Orient & Dance Theater’ in the town of Al Bireh. This is a film about non-violent resistance to the occupation in Palestine.