Lauri Randla's "Mauseleum" theatrically released

Internationally decorated Lauri Randla’s “Mausoleum” recently winning Best Narrative Award at the Discover.Film in London, was released theatrically in Tallinn “Artis” Cinema 23.03 – 6.04 2017 and in Tartu “Elektriteater” 3.04 2017, as one of the three short films of the Estonian “Horror Anthology”.

Other films:
Late young film director Anri Rulkov’s “Fear” of a young woman driving to her mother’s funeral to a psychiatric hospital, where she falls under the harrowing spell of charismatic dr. Schulze.
Maria Reinup’s “There Lived” of a group of youngsters seeking shelter of the storm from an abandoned house, but find themselves in a haunting labyrinth with no way out instead.