Dora Gordine'i premiere on 8th of May 2014

Documnetary film Dora Gordine is premiered on 8th of May 2014 at Artis, Tallinn.


Adventures, passion, pretense. Art above all.

The illustrious rise of Dora Gordine (1895-1991) – sculptor, designer and a high-society darling.

In her heyday, Gordine was lauded by the critics as one of the world’s most talented sculptors. Born in Latvia, raised and trained in Estonia, rose to fame in Paris via Far East, she finally settled in London, where her steady rise continued well beyond her contemporaries. By way of marriage to the son of Earl, Gordine also pushed her way to the top of the English aristocracy, having one of her statues unveiled in 1963 by Queen Elisabeth II herself.

The documentary explores key chapters of Gordine’s life while constantly inquiring: who was this woman?

Director: Annaleena Piel Linna
Producer: Peeter Urbla
Duration: 63’
Languages: Estonian, English, France

Exitfilm OÜ

Viking visionary Films Ltd