A story of a father who tries to understand, forgets to listen but remembers to love in the very end.

Harri (44) is feeling guilty for not having spent enough time with his 11-year-old son after his divorce. To make up some lost time, Harri decides to take his son on a winter day to an island, where he spent a lot of time with his own father when he was a kid. Harri misses the last boat to the island but decides instead to use a local ice road in order not to disappoint his son. A man who is used to be in charge of everything faces forces that don’t bend to his will. “Ice” tells a story how important it is to say “I love you” while there is still a chance.



Anna Hints


Eero Talvistu


(alphabetical order)
Anneli Arusaar (Prod. Designer)
Siiri Lauri (MU and Hair)
Kauri Lemberg (Sound Design)
Kristina Lõuk (Costume)
Marion Koppel (Editor)
Matis Mäesalu (Prod. Designer)
Ralf Siig (1st AD)
Tõnis Tuuga (DoP)

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