Apothecary Melchior. Medieval Murder Mystery.

1409 AD, a psychotic killer roams the gritty streets of Medieval Tallinn, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. Both a high-ranking knight and the town's master stonemason are found decapitated. A holyman is poisoned, closely followed by the death of a mysterious monk. No one is safe. The Catholic city looks desperate for a Messiah until... Melchior Wakenstede (28), a young but renowned apothecary with an eye for detective work, gets dragged along to lead the investigation.

Armed with the ancient knowledge of making medications from harvested organs, and accompanied by Wenzel Dorn (40), the vicious yet slightly dim-witted bailiff of the town, they embark on a supernatural journey through the ages: the hidden relics of the enigmatic Freemasons, the sinister vows of the Schwartzhäupter fraternity, not to mention the dark political secrets of the Teutonic Order - the iron fist of the Catholic church.

However, as the assignment leads Melchior deeper down the dark alleys of Medieval Tallinn, he is forced to face a few demons of his own, from which only his countryside companion, Keterlyn (23), a young woman of great virtue and shamanic knowledge, can save him. This complex story of Medieval cryptography comes to a finale in a gripping play of hide and seek that puts Melchior, Dorn and all the good-willing people of Tallinn against the forces of evil fueled by the mysteries of the Church of St. Olaf. 


The MELCHIOR project involves extensive transmedia in addition to a 6-12 episode TV series.



Peeter Urbla


Indrek Hargla
Priit Pruks
Peeter Urbla


Anneli Ahven
Eero Talvistu
Peeter Urbla

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