Peeter Urbla


Producer, Director



Peeter Urbla has graduated Tartu University, specialising in history and languages, and has passed special courses at the Moscow's Cinema Committee, specialising in film directing and scriptwriting. Starting from 1992. he has worked for Exitfilm studio as director, producer and general manager.


As a director:
2012 — APOTHECARY MELCHIOR. MEDIVAL MURDER MYSTERY. (in development), feature film
2005 — SHOP OF DREAMS, feature films
2004 — SETO's COME AGAIN, documentary
2002 — KING FOR ONE DAY, documentary
1992 — BALTIC LOVE STORIES, feature film
1992 — DAME IN THE CAR, feature film
1988 — I AM NOT A TOURIST, I LIVE HERE, feature film
1985 — ALIAS, feature film
1984 — CLOSED CIRCLE, feature film
1983 — THE HIT, feature film
1981 — THE DOOM OF THE 31st DEPARTMENT, feature film
1980 — PROMENADE, short film